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Get to know me

Jon Uland

Hello, I'm Jon Uland.

I'm a marketing expert, puzzle master, and foosball god.

I got my professional start in web development coding up surveys for a major customer experience startup in the so-called "Silicon Slopes" of Utah. I picked up some side work running marketing and sales efforts for a tech gadget startup and found I was most effective when my KPIs affected the bottom line.

I soon pivoted into the tech startup world, where I joined my passion for web development with my desire to lead marketing strategy in the super-nerdy sector of email marketing. 

After a long career of driving growth and retention for tech startups, I started ULAND to expand the impact I could make among marketing leaders and teams. Since then, I have worked with major brands across a variety of industries and helped them achieve their marketing automation goals. 

Fun Facts

What languages do I speak?

I speak English and Spanish fluently (I dream in the latter), and I am conversational in French.

I also write in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

What is a "Puzzle Master"?

I just really enjoy jigsaw puzzles. And I have a peculiar way of completing them. My rule is that I can only look at the picture on the box once before I get started, then I don't look at it until the puzzle is finished. 

Up for a challenge? Try it sometime!

What do I do for fun?

When I'm not driving sustainable growth and marketing automation for my clients, you can find me on the boardwalk with my longboard, in the waves attempting to surf, or hiking on the trail.

I am an avid primitive camper, and I have a genre-bending music project called Bonnevillain.

Are your actually good at foosball?

I was once inducted into a secret, exclusive, and very competitive foosball club, if that gives you an idea.

But yes. I'm very good. Let's play!

My mission

ULAND is hyper-focused on empowering business leaders and their teams to take marketing automation off their shoulders so they can focus on their respective areas of genius. 

As a boutique firm, ULAND offers high attention-to-detail service and fast turnaround times. We aim to be effective, sustainable, and an overall joy to work with.

Core values

Dream big.

Set your sights on the big one and go for it. I'm either rooting for you or working right along side you. Dreamers and visionaries set the stage for what comes next in this world, so I'm happy and proud to empower them (you).

Do good.

I grew up (and still am) an avid primitive camper. One of the values among the high adventure community is to leave the campsite better than when you found it. Aim to do that with your career and business too and together we'll make the world a better place.

Work smart.

Working smart means we develop systems and processes to better leverage our time and overall effectiveness. Strive to look at the bigger picture and achieve longer-term success.

Don't Panic.

Borrowed from the wise words of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, this motto holds up not only in intergalactic travel, but also in every day professional life. If you make mistakes, learn from them. If you fall down, get back up, dust yourself off, and move on. Don't panic, it'll all be okay :)

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