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Get to know Uland

Jon Uland

Hello, I'm Jon Uland.

Founder & Principal of the Uland agency.

I’m a former-developer-turned-marketer who specializes in Retention Marketing and Operations. I cut my teeth as a solo operator at fast-growing tech startups and became a go-to expert for many in the email marketing space.

I started Uland to drive customer retention and LTV for marketing leaders and teams who otherwise didn’t have the resources to do so, and I work with a small team of experts to provide the best service possible.

I’m extremely proud of the work my team and I have accomplished for our clients. I’d love to continue that work with you.

The Mission

Uland strives to driving LTV and customer engagement for marketing leaders through customer retention.

As a boutique firm, Uland offers high quality, premium service and fast turnaround times. We aim to be effective, sustainable, and an overall joy to work with.

Core values

Dream big. Do good. Work smart. Don't Panic.

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