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Marketing Automation

I bring 10+ years of hands-on experience and a team of experts to jumpstart your marketing automation efforts and initiatives. Work with me and my team and we’ll help you grow like crazy.
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Premium marketing automation services.

My team and I are experts in multi-channel marketing automation and operations with the ability to dive deep and zoom out as necessary.

  • Dedicated communication channels
  • Regular sync meetings
  • Data-driven strategies
  • Top-quality expertise

Multichannel Marketing

Send emails, SMS, In-app messages, Push notifications, and more. I'll make sure the right person gets the right message at the right time.

Workflow Automation

Don't fret about complex workflow logic, automated trigger events, and external webhooks. I'll help you streamline your automation ecosystem.

Platform Migrations

Switching to a new platform, or need advice for one? I've done this more times than many people do in their career. I'll guide you through it and make sure it goes off without a hitch.

Technical Consulting

My background as a web developer comes in handy when we need to connect with engineers to make sure the right data gets from one platform to another.

Campaign Copywriting

Need help perfecting that message? Or maybe your team doesn't want to start with a blank page. Either way, we'll dive into your brand and write copy to achieve your goals.

Landing Page Creation

We use a variety of landing page creation platforms to help drive traffic where you want them to go. 

Target Audience

Are we a good fit?

Fast-moving Executives

Executives Looking to Move Quickly

Executive leaders like you need peace of mind that your marketing automation is in capable hands so you can “wow” everyone at the next board meeting.

You need movers and shakers, quick thinkers, and seasoned integrators to make your vision a reality.

I'll help you impress the board.

Overwhelmed Marketing Leaders

Overwhelmed Marketing Leaders

You’re a VP or Director-level Leader with your hands full: people management, growth KPIs, tracking progress, and more.

You simply lack time and/or expertise to wrangle marketing automation, keep track of deliverability, ensuring the right people get the right message at the right time.

Stop spinning plates & start delivering results.

Agencies Needing Help

Agencies Needing Extra Expertise

You run a successful marketing, design, or development agency and your client needs extra help with marketing automation.

The only problem is, that’s not your area of genius. Not to worry. My team and I can integrate into yours to provide your client with a top-notch experience and drive results for you – for them.

Level up with me.


Working with me is easy

I follow a methodical approach to onboarding new clients to make sure I get to know your business and goals as well as anyone on your team. Some of these steps happen in-sync with one another, so the timelines may vary from project to project.

1-3 Weeks

Seamless Integration

We'll kick off by diving into your product to understand customer use cases and your business initiatives. We’ll also get to know everyone we’ll be working with.

This will quickly give us a sense of how we can best work with you to accomplish your vision.

1-2 Weeks

Roadmap Planning

This stage clarifies the scope and timeline of our work with the added knowledge of our Integration stage.

We'll identify areas of high impact improvements and present a roadmap of what we plan to work on and when we can expect results.


Sync Meetings

Our ongoing sync meetings cover the latest results of our efforts, updates to in-progress projects, and gathering feedback.

We deploy deliverables in two-week sprints to enable time for building, testing, deployment, as well as data collection.


Phase Retros

When we finish a particular phase or roadmap project, we’ll take time to look back at the results and learnings,, then make adjustments as needed.

This will help instill or strengthen hypothesis-driven approaches to marketing within your organization.

Jon is my go-to for email marketing, retention, and marketing strategy in general. Over and over again, I have seen him absorb the context of any company, seamlessly mesh into the team, and provide heaps of value right off the bat.

Jackson Riso, Integrations Consultant

Invest in premium marketing automation.

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Lifecycle Management

You're looking for an extension of your team to own end-to-end marketing automation projects and accomplish your goals.


  • End-to-end lifecycle marketing management
  • Lifecycle strategic consultations
  • Flexible scope, including:
    • Campaign management
    • Platform migrations
    • IP Warmups
    • Plus more

Solutions Consultant

You need extra help from a marketing automation expert to guide you as your setup and/or manage your own marketing ecosystem.


  • Onboarding period to learn about your use case
  • 6 one-hour consulting calls 
  • Flexible scheduling (can reschedule if you experience delays)
  • Access to resources, templates, and guides
  • One-off additional calls available

Analytics Dashboards

Introducing Mapvi by ULAND – a custom dashboard for you and your team to help you make sense of your data and tell a story with it.

  • Custom Iterable engagement dashboard
  • Monthly sync meetings
  • Historic trend information
  • Customizable engagement metrics calculations
  • Workflow conversion, custom events extra

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